May 15, 2007

Three Days to the Shoot...

...and I'm having the weirdest dreams. I love it!
Yesterday I dreamed I was chewing gum and it got stuck to one of my fillings and I tried to pull it out and I pulled gobs and gobs of chewing gum that felt like concrete and I yanked my molar out and out came also my two front teeth. And I thought, oh great, I can't shoot a movie like this, without my two front teeth. I looked like a homeless junkie.
All of you amateur Freudians, you can go to town on this one. All of a sudden I'm having a very active dreamlife. I had a horrid nightmare that revealed to me part of the theme of my movie, and more interestingly, my deepest fears about making it. All I can say is, the subconscious rules! Too bad it happens while we're sleeping. On the other hand, if it happened in broad daylight, we'd all be living in a Ken Russell movie. And we don't want that, really.

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