May 13, 2007

Review of A Movie I Haven't Seen 2

There is a movie out there about a girl who decides to blow herself up in NY city. This movie I will not see. From the reviews it doesn't sound like a masterpiece. But even if they were great reviews, I'd be suspicious.
This for me is a no-brainer: suicide bombers are idiots. They are retards. And I'm in no mood for movies that pretend to "humanize" them. And I'm even in less of a mood for movies that use them as an excuse for manufactured suspense. Maybe I'm a tad oversensitive, and I don't mind in the least if my aggression belies a mortal fear of them. I have nothing to hide. I fear them all right. I agree with Martin Amis that suicide bombers are obscene, if that is the word that comes closest to describing their perverse human aberration, and therefore in my view, movies about them amount to unsavory pornography.
You can tell me suicide bombers are brainwashed, and manipulated and used. You can tell me they are young and impressionable; I can tell you they are morons. And of course the older people who have created the phenomenon, those who cowardly goad them on to their murderous deaths, don't deserve to be called human.

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