May 27, 2007

Movie Piracy

So the 3rd installment of Pirates of the Caribbean raked in more than 400 million bucks worldwide. This is not because it is a good film. It is because it opened on 10,000 screens in 104 countries. There are many places in the world where this means this may have been the only real option to watch over the weekend. Plus, the number is for six days, not for the weekend. For weekend gross, actually Spiderman did better.
So what kind of a victory is this, when you open a film in every available movie theater? The victory of a bully. They spend $300 million dollars on a film. They glut every screen with it and the film isn't even good. I haven't seen it, but I know it sucks. The same goes for Spiderman. These things should not be called films anymore. They are amusement rides.

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