Mar 15, 2006

Annie get your gun

And do us a favor, shoot yourself in the mouth.
The peeps from Brokeback Mountain: what a bunch of sore losers! I'm referring actually only to Ang "Sourface"Lee, who forgets to thank the cast and then kvetches about being dissapointed and now, and much worse, Annie Proulx, who wrote the original story. She writes a disgraceful, badly written rant in the Guardian, whining about being "robbed" of an Oscar. How undignified. How low. Crash is not a good movie, but most of the Best Picture Oscar winners ever are, so stop having a zirotsky.
Ungracious losers like that don't deserve to win anyway. It's not like Night on Gay Mountain, or, I love the title they gave it in Mexico: "Secreto en la Montaña" -- Secret on the Mountain (oooooh....) is such a masterpiece either. Pipe down, losers.
Question: has the movie gotten any audiences in Mexico? Men are so paranoid of being considered gay down there (despite the fact that many of them are) that I wonder if they are even seen driving anywhere close to where the movie is showing, God forbid someone may think they are maricones.

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