Apr 13, 2006

Tom Hanks has the same taste as me!

Almost. Yikes. I thought he would love crap like The Shawshank Redemption and other treacly stuff he's done before, but no, the man has a certain penchant for slightly perverse movies.
He loves 2001. He loves Fargo. (J'adore Fargo). He loves The Godfather (it's becoming sort of a cliche to love that movie so much), strangely enough he loves Elephant by Gus Van Sant, (it bored me). And he loves Boogie Nights. Not bad. Not bad for the guy who has given us the unforgiveable Forrest Gump and the equally awful Cast Away or whatever that horrid 2 hour FedEx commercial was called.
By the way, who asked him?

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