Mar 14, 2006

Box Office Poop

More creepy entertainment news:

• Want to get completely depressed? Take a look at the weekend's box office results.
The movies did great. But boy, these are the movies America is watching. What a bummer.

• Even more disturbing: Americans watch over 50 hours of TV a week and only 15% of the channels they have (which is not surprising, since only like 2% are actually worth watching).
According to Imdb's Studio Briefing:
The average American household received 96.4 channels in 2005 but watched 15.4 of them, according to a survey by Nielsen Research and reported by MediaPost's online MediaDailyNews on Monday. The study also found that the average household watched TV 57 hours and 17 minutes per week, up from 56 hours and seven minutes during 2004. Reporting on the survey, the publication observed that it indicated that "given an unlimited number of media options, the average person will still opt to use a relatively small number."
57 hours! That's way more than the freaking work week! When do they watch?
How many hours do they spend reading?
No wonder we're so dumb.

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