Mar 14, 2006

He Gives Me The Willis

On the other hand, not all celebrities can be counted to use the two neurons attached to their brains. Witness professional asshole Bruce Willis' comments about the US invading Colombia to stop the cocaine trade. The Colombians were very upset when they should have been laughing in his face. Really, when a hasbeen opens his yap and says some idiot thing, it dignifies him too much to have a response both from Colombia's Ambassador to the US and its President. But they did have a point. The drug problem is one of supply and demand. Being that here in America we have an overpowering hankering for drugs, our Colombian suppliers are just happy to oblige.
The Colombian President went on to say that Willis is arrogant and ignorant, which pretty much describes the guy. It also describes our own President, but that's another story.
Instead of invading Colombia in such a gung ho spirit, (it'll be just like Iraq: we're not even there yet but hey, mission accomplished) perhaps we should be legalizing drugs, so that our evil Colombian suppliers have less incentive to keep us loaded with blow.

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