Oct 20, 2010

Moviegoing Etiquette

Here are some extra rules of moviegoing etiquette that are not advertised by the cinemas, but that everybody should follow in order to avoid me wanting to get a high powered rifle and blast your head off:

No texting during the film.
People with baseball caps or other headgear should remove it the minute the lights go down. The same goes for women with idiosyncratic hair a la Marge Simpson. Take it down. By the way, I hate adult men who wear baseball caps if they are not in the park or under the sun. Do grow up.
There is absolutely no talking during the previews. Previews are like foreplay, almost as important as the movie.
Although this is hard to enforce, tall people, people with big heads, or tall people with big heads, should have the courtesy of sitting in the back of the theater if said theater doesn't have stadium seating.
If you are going to munch, do it discreetly.
Do not bring your pastrami sandwich or your kung pao chicken to the movies. They reek.

Enjoy the show!

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