Oct 13, 2010

Gold Mine

I'm just doing the exercise of thinking of what the Hollywood movie version of the saga of the Chilean miners would be like. Apparently, one of them was expected to emerge from the mine by both wife and lover, who showed up to receive him. I don't know if Hollywood would go for that. Or maybe they will make the people from NASA the saviors, and leave the natives to be second banana heroes.
There has to be a villain, so I assume that would be the owners of the mine.
And where exactly is Hollywood going to find 33 Latino actors to play the guys?
Unless they multiply Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem and Benicio Del Toro by CGI, it's gonna be a tough one. 
Even though I rejoice, like everyone else, at the miners' deliverance, I can't help but thinking of that episode in which Bart Simpson fakes he rescues a little boy that falls into a well and a media circus comes to town. Chile's president, who at least had the good political sense to spend enormous sums of money to have the miners rescued, has benefited greatly from his decision. Evo Morales even showed up to welcome the one trapped Bolivian miner. Presidents from all over the world make phone calls. It's like when presidents show up at the World Cup, a great photo op.

Can't get rid of my misanthropy, dear readers.

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