Feb 28, 2011

Famous Last Words

Oh, well! Predictably, pretty much everything that was expected to win won and the Academy once again picked a perfectly safe crowd-pleaser over more interesting choices. Best director was rather disappointing.  Fincher looked pissed throughout.
The ceremony was rather weird. Long in places and rushed in others. Devoid of real star power, as far as I'm concerned. Where are the cuts to the stars being bored out of their wits or saying catty things to each other?
The opening montage was nice if a bit long. James Franco seemed shellshocked and devoid of his usual charm, but Miss Hathaway was a trooper. She seemed to be having a good time, which is more that can be said for anyone else, both there and watching at home.
I love Kirk Douglas as much as anybody, but I don't understand why they chose him to give the supporting actress award, or any award. There are a lot of older stars in Hollywood.  Did they have to pick the oldest one? 
Except for Natalie Portman and Colin Firth, who gave articulate and gracious speeches, actors who win Oscars should have Aaron Sorkin write their acceptance speeches and memorize them, instead of making asses of themselves as Melissa Leo and Christian Bale did. Leo is a great actress, but I like her characters much more than I like her.  I wonder if all that plastic surgery is going to land her more of the gritty roles that make her a living.
As far as I could tell, Bale thanked everybody in the galaxy, except the director who hired him. He also seemed to blank out on the name of his wife. But that is more understandable.
Good for Charles Ferguson for reminding everybody that criminals are still at large.
Yay for Trent Reznor! 
I'm pleased that Biutiful didn't win, as it did not deserve to.
Poor Roger Deakins. He's becoming the Susan Lucci of the Oscars. And not a consolation bone for True Grit. Still, Hailee Steinfeld was spared the curse of the supporting actress win. Lucky girl.
Why bring out Eli Wallach, Coppola and the other guy for a nanosecond without properly explaining what for?
My favorite part, the obits, was marred by the presence of Celine Dion, who mars everything with her presence. Also, it was too short.
I miss the introductions to the Best Picture nominees. Jumbling the 10 of them together was confusing. Each film deserves a tiny bit of spotlight, no?
The rest, frankly, is a blur. 
ABC is not to be forgiven for not having a red carpet where we can actually see the stars and the dresses. I'm going to write a letter of complaint.

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