Feb 19, 2011

Cold Weather

Who was the critic who said he liked Cold Weather (was it you, Richard Brody?), because I'd like to murder him.
When will I learn to trust my own instincts and not believe the hype of people who sit at mumblecore movies, desperately looking for reasons to like them?
A character blinked: OMG! Action!
I liked two things about Cold Weather: the music and the cinematography. But to think that I spent 13 dollars and wasted almost 2 hours of my time on this amateurish non-event really pisses me off. I cannot fathom why young writer-directors like Aaron Katz deem it worth our time to populate their films with actors with zero personality, passive non-entities who keep asking "why?" and saying "I don't know". This is what passes for dramatic dialogue. Scenes of nothing happening succeed each other without much reason. They don't create intimacy or shed light on their opaque and uninteresting characters. I could care less about what a bunch of childish, overprivileged twenty-something moronic hipsters in Portland don't do with the oodles of time they seem to have that I don't. A scene where the protagonists, an affectless brother and sister team, entertain themselves crushing grapes against the sidewalk made me want to commit vandalism against the screen. I cannot abide the smugness of this showy contempt for ambition.
Like my mother would say, "with all the starving children in Africa..."
Cold Weather starts as a rambling, and turtle paced meditation on aimlessness and then it becomes some sort of a detective story, starring really obnoxious and clueless characters. My lids perked up with the promise of action, and to be fair, there were a couple of moments of creepiness. But Katz does not know how to write a scene to completion and he leaves everything hanging: characters, dialogues, sequences, the plot. I don't mind an immature filmmaker, someone who shows promise but is just getting started, but the veneration of adult immaturity, unless it is funny as is sometimes the case in the oeuvre of Judd Apatow or Will Ferrell (who actually make fun of it), is something that unleashes the wrath of Khan in me.


  1. It was Manohla from the Times! I think she might be in love or something...

  2. What drugs is she on? It's easy to like bad movies when you don't have to shell out 13 bucks to see them.