Nov 21, 2010

A Weekend at the Movies

Today's Special
This romantic comedy written by Asif Maandvi is kind of conventional and predictable but very sweet, moving and enjoyable. It's intimate, beautifully shot, with lovely music, and the Indian food looks delish. And pretty much any movie with Kevin Corrigan automatically gets my love.

aka Clueless and Pointless. This movie is as bad and as ridiculous as The Room, but with a bigger budget and inexplicably good actors, like the inimitable Eddie Marsan, who is the best thing in the entire movie, and the great Ruth Sheen and Timothy Spall. The most mystifying thing about it is why it got made. The devil must have financed it.

Why is Clemence Poesy in every movie? Is she France's second national export after Camembert? Who is she fucking? I dislike her intensely.

On our way to see White Material. I hear wildly diverging opinions... I'm very afraid.
If there is something I can't stand, it's pretentious French movies. I'll let you know!

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