Nov 10, 2010

The Heart Flutters... the preview of the new (and umpteenth) version of Jane Eyre.
(Thanks, Maya, for posting this on facebook. You made my day).

Extraordinary British casts give me butterflies, and from what I could tell, this one has Simon McBurney, Sally Hawkins and Judi Dench (aka God).
Mia Wasilowska plays Jane, which is perfectly fine by me.
But the reason the hand trembles, and the pulse quickens and the breath shortens and the eye waters (and the mouth waters), is that Rochester is played by none other than Michael Fassbender (Hunger, Inglorious Basterds and an amazing movie few people saw called Fish Tank). A magnificent actor and my new British paramour (in a long line of thespians that includes Jeremy Irons, Daniel Day Lewis and Ralph Fiennes, among others).  This one is a keeper.
The world always needs a new version of Jane Eyre. I can't wait.


  1. I can't wait! We have exactly the same taste in British heartthrobs, by the way.
    It actually looks Gothic, fantastically dark in a way the novel is rarely ever depicted on film!

  2. cathy Shikler van IngenNovember 10, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    perhaps they'll show the true ending.....

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  4. A Few Thoughts...
    • Jane Erye has been redone more times than Joan Rivers' face.
    • Sally Hawkins was AMAZING in Happy-Go-Lucky.
    • While Dame Judi Dench could play a fart and still be better than most of today's thespians, Helen Mirren looks better in a bikini.
    • Re: the pic of your new BF. I'd like to be his t-shirt.