Nov 14, 2010

Four Lions

This is a hilarious spoof by Chris Morris about a group of extremely incompetent but sincere and almost endearing jihadi terrorists living in England. It's nothing short of miraculous to make a funny movie about this topic. Four Lions has perfect control of pitch and tone and surprises the audience by humanizing the terrorists, not being racist about Muslims and at the same time not letting the terrorists off easy. If their intent is to blow themselves up, the movie follows that intent to the logical consequences, and that this is why it is smart and sharp and totally on point. I was waiting for some sort of Hollywood about face and it does happen, just not in the way anyone expects. I can't really talk about it without giving up the great amount of funny jokes, visual gags and pointed satire, but I can tell you it is extremely funny and very intelligent. The actors are all excellent.
This film is a hoot. I heartily recommend it, even if you go into the theater hoping no one blows you up for seeing it.

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