Jan 15, 2012

Live Kvetching the GG's: The Ordeal.

Fantastic opening by Gervais, making fun of the GG's. And Eddie Murphy.
List of Rules: Do not mention Jodie Foster's Beaver.
Star of Coriolanus, Gerard Butler? What about my BF Voldemort?
Best Supporting actor for Film Drama:
Kenneth Branagh, Albert Brooks. Jonah Hill, Viggo (no last name required), Christopher Plummer. GO VIGGO!
Goes to Plummer, the safe and boring choice. He's good in that insufferable movie.
Sweet acceptance speech trying to honor everybody but himself.
Best Actress in a TV series Comedy or Musical:
Laura Dern, Zooey Deschanel, Tina Fey, Laura Linney, Amy Poehler.
WINS: Laura Dern! A most excellent choice. I hear her show is great.
The ridiculous Miss Golden Globe to Andie McDowell's completely uninteresting spawn gets hijacked by a malfunctioning teleprompter. That poor girl must be furious...
TV movie:
Cinema Verite, Downton Abbey, The Hour, Mildred Pierce, Too Big To Fail. The expected winner: D.A. I've only seen one episode and it looks just like Upstairs Downstairs to me, no? Still, anything with Maggie Smith in it, I'm there. And Elizabeth McGovern has always rocked. 
Actress for this category: Romola Garai, Diane Lane, Elizabeth McGovern, Emily Watson, Kate Winslet, cradlerobber and expected winner, wins. Great actress and terrible speech giver. But she learned her lesson from last time and is now doing her homework.
Jeremy Irons, who Mr. Ex Enchilada claims is fast becoming Boris Karloff, is my first original British boyfriend and will be forever. Just listen to that voice.
Thank God Gervais is back. Because the presenters are bo-ring.
TV Actor Drama, Buscemi, Cranston, Grammer, Irons, Lewis:
Kelsey Grammer? WTF? Anybody in that category is a more exciting choice. 
Best TV Series Drama -- I don't give a fuck really, cause I don't have cable. But it's probably Homeland. I knew it. I take it back about Danes' dress. Spectacular from the back.
Best Music Score Movie - The Artist (my fave), W.E, Dragon Tattoo, Hugo,
The Artist! Excellent score. "I'm sorry I'm French!"
Madonna won for song. And she's telling the whole megillah, she's always terrible. A person incapable of not seeming totally self-involved at all times.
Idris Elba for best actor on something on TV or other.  Good.
Actress in a Comedy
Jodie Foster, Carnage; Charlize Theron, Young Adult, Kristen Wiig (getting big whoops) Michelle Williams. Kate Winslet, Carnage.
Michelle Williams, the expected choice. Wiig would have been awesome! Super nice speech.
Peter Dinklage wins for Game of Thrones. Way cool.
This is taking forever. I'm bored.
Animated film: Tintin, Arthur Christmas, Cars 2, Puss'n Boots, Rango. Tintin wins. Spielberg. Expected.
Nicole Kidman is wearing a long bathing suit.
Screenplay for a Movie (go Artist!) Woody Allen! Midnight in Paris. Oh well!
The Bill Macy's are so awesome.
Jessica Lange thanking the writers: yay!
Best moment of the night so far is the look of bored sufferance the older guy seating next to Madonna just gave her. Exactly.
Foreign film: A Separation! Good call. Best film of the year. It's from Iran. Go see it. 
From now, I'm kvetching on twitter because I'm bored, already.

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