Jan 20, 2011

My Golden Globs of Snot

After a prolonged absence in which we went up and down temples in the set of Apocalypse Now, Cambodia, and The King and I, Thailand, and I came back with a terrible sinus infection I ascribe to accidentally snorting beer, here are the people who I consider should be rewarded for their acting and directing in movies this year:
(I'm missing some important movies like Blue Valentine, but I have been sick and unable to hit the screens, which is driving me to despair. This post will be updated as I watch more films).

Best Actor
James Franco 127 Hours
Colin Firth The King's Speech
Jeff Bridges True Grit
Jesse Eisenberg The Social Network
Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine

Best Supporting Actor
Frank Langella Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and All Good Things  HE ROCKS. Christian Bale The Fighter 
Geoffrey Rush The King's Speech
Jack McGee The Fighter
Ewan McGregor I Love You Phillip Morris
John Hawkes Winter's Bone
All the lawyers except Rashida Jones in The Social Network. I adore the lawyers in this movie.
Best Actress
Natalie Portman Black Swan
Annette Benning The Kids Are All Right
Giovanna Mezzogiorno Vincere
Michelle Williams Blue Valentine
Jennifer Lawrence Winter's Bone

Best Supporting Actress
Jacki Weaver Animal Kingdom
Barbara Hershey Black Swan
Melissa Leo The Fighter
Amy Adams The Fighter
If it was up to me, they would all get it.

Best director
Olivier Assayas Carlos
Joon-Ho Bong Mother
Chang Dong Lee Poetry
The Coen Brothers True Grit
Benjamin Heisenberg The Robber
Radu Muntean Tuesday After Christmas
Darren Aronofsky Black Swan

Best American Film
True Grit The Coen Brothers
Blue Valentine Derek Cianfrance
Black Swan Darren Aronofsky
The Fighter David O. Russell 
The Social Network David Fincher

Best Foreign Film
Carlos  France
Mother Korea
Poetry  Korea 
The Robber Austria (Dumbed down American version coming soon)
Vincere  Italy
Tuesday After Christmas Romania
Dogtooth Greece


  1. Nicole Kidman is missing! :P And the old lady from Mother. La Weaver rocks!

  2. The woman in Mother, sure. La Kidman, I haven't seen the movie... Thanks for posting!