May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2

I liked it because it's very talky. When people talked a blue streak in this movie I was very happy. When there were explosions and effects I was very bored.
RDJ, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and yes, even Gwyneth are very game and very fun. Garry Shandling does a pitch perfect interpretation of a pompous senator and Sam Rockwell is great fun as an orange (by way of terribly applied tanner) rival arms dealer. He is divinely oily. Jon Favreau makes movies as likeable as he is and I wish we would see more of him. This movie cost a ton of money but at least it has actors who deliver and who look like they are having fun amid the greenscreen.
RDJ does a great job with the Tony Stark character, that of a very likeable asshole. He is excellent. He creates a complex and very alive character for a comic strip hero. I thought Mickey Rourke was underused. He is a fantastic actor and his Russian accent was great, and I was hoping there would be more amusement from him, but he really is just kind of a sad, watery eyed Russian, very melancholy. Mickey Rourke rocks.
Don Cheadle is a great improvement over Terrence Howard because Don Cheadle is a wonderful actor and I love him (and he is more believable as a soldier and a silver rocket somehow). Scar Jo is sultry and sexy and a total movie star and Gwyneth is very good and has an easy, wonderful rapport with RDJ as Pepper Potts. There is romance. I like. 
The movie doesn't make much sense but it is fun to see so many wonderful movie stars.  Give me a movie star the size of a giant movie screen, and I'm happy. Give me long blue people who all look the same and I'm bored.
The movie kind of pokes fun at itself and at our obsession with arming ourselves to the teeth. And the best part is that it all happens in Queens! I was very worried that all those armaments would destroy Spa Castle or the Chinese and Korean food in Flushing, but thankfully, none of that happens. The filmmakers are not morally debased, like Roland Emmerich who gets an obscene kick out of destroying the world's landmarks.
As always in the American Male narrative, there is a father conflict. I wish that whatever screenwriting textbook people are using, they for once would leave the father thing alone. I've had it with the father issues.How about some mother issues?

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