Oct 8, 2009

So Excited about Michael Haneke Tonight!

I loved Anthony Lane's article on him, splendidly titled "Happy Haneke". And I can't wait to hear Haneke talk, hopefully about why he is such an elegant, disturbing little sadist. And then I can't wait to see The White Ribbon, the movie that won the Palme D'Or at Cannes this year, and according to Lane, Haneke's best film.
Here are my favorite Haneke movies:


The Piano Teacher. I will never forget Ice Goddess Isabelle Huppert putting crushed glass in the pocket of an aspiring piano student. Never.

Code Unknown

I could not sit through the original Funny Games, one of the few films that have personally offended me. I do not wish to be a filmmaker's guinea pig, that's all. I find Funny Games feels superior to its audience and that bothers me.

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