Oct 29, 2009

Review of a Movie I Refuse To See

To me, the whole Michael Jackson saga is like watching an endless car crash. Painful, disturbing and none too comforting. So the idea of watching him posthumously as he rehearsed the show that never was is really creepy. Apparently, the film had a very weak opening of $20.2 million worldwide. That's because they scheduled it for last Tuesday, instead of for tomorrow night.
Why? It's a perfect Halloween film. It should be marketed like a cult thing, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and shown at midnight, with people wearing MJ costumes. Those around Mr. Jackson should stop pretending he was some sort of saint. If they are going to milk him for everything he had, they might as well milk him to the best of their ability and his. He was ghoulish. He did Thriller. He deserves to be the King of Halloween.

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