Sep 1, 2008

Gods of Cinema: Deborah Kerr

I feel sad at the passing of the great Deborah Kerr. She was a wonderful, naturally elegant actress, with a distinguished list of movies to her credit and 6 Academy Award nominations. She won a honorary Oscar in the nineties.
Here are some great movies of her, so you can see what used to be called class, which is nowhere in evidence today:

The Innocents - by Jack Clayton, a wonderfully eerie adaptation of A Turn of The Screw, by Henry James. Did you see The Others with Nicole Kidman? Well, it's a total ripoff of this movie. A great subtly scary movie and Deborah Kerr is great as the governess of two very creepy children.

The King and I, with Yul Brynner. Just totally lovely and amazing.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison is not a great movie but it has Robert Mitchum in it. Both together are a treat.

I've never seen From Here to Eternity, but you probably have seen the famous shot of Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster rolling around in the waves. Super racy at the time.

The Night of the Iguana. Kerr and Richard Burton and Ava Gardner. What's not to like?

I always liked her.

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