Jul 8, 2008

Short film = toddler

Making a short film is like having a toddler. Once he's out of the womb, it's a full time job to keep the creature alive and in festivals. It is also as expensive, almost.
This is mainly the reason why I haven't been able to write this week.
I'm happy to report that our humble short Close Relations has been selected for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the first festival in US to invite our short. Close Relations was screened at Swansea Life in Wales (in competition for best short) and is due to be at the Salento Film Festival in Italy, all of which makes its mother extremely proud. But until Palm Springs came calling, I was wondering why the Americans did not want to play with my child. As the very perceptive Magnificent Arepa pointed out, perhaps the demographics of Palm Springs (retired people) make it relevant for the festival (my short is about an older gentleman hitting on his niece).
I'd like to think it's because it is a brilliant piece of filmmaking, but I'm the mother.

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