May 13, 2008

That Stupid Louis Vuitton Ad

Several times, in respectable arthouse cinemas in this city, we have been subjected to an ad from Louis Vuitton, which pretends to be more like a short, dreamy movie, until you start seeing the luggage. Soft focus landscapes of rich white people traveling, always almost alone in the frame, looking bored, like all rich people. When the tagline and the brand name get revealed, the audience response has been unequivocal every time: Bronx cheers, cursing, booing, hurling abuse at the screen.
Not that I would ever buy one of those crappy bags, but the ad makes you feel like effecting a boycott anyway.
This waste of money and talent is directed to the wrong kind of people.
The people who would think this is a great commercial and would go and buy one of those preposterous shit-colored bags, are the same bridge and tunnel people who pack the meatpacking district every weekend and who buy their Louis Vuitton knockoffs in Chinatown. They are the girls who want to be like Carrie and Samantha. The people who like Pretty Woman. People who read People. And Vogue (that is, people who could not afford one measly coin holder from LV). That is, not the same people who watch obscure movies with subtitles at the Cinema Village or the Angelika.

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