May 4, 2008

Let Us Decamp For Better Screens Elsewhere

Today in the Movies section of the New York Times, back to back articles by Manohla Dargis and A. O Scott about the lack of real women and adult men in Hollywood films. The Dargis article really hits the point. It is a fucking disgrace that Hollywood considers women a subpar product. And most of what it turns out is insulting to women. And as Manohla points out, who cares if there are more women executives in Hollywood now that ever? It's obviously not helping.
I am, as we speak, intending to be a female filmmaker. I see there are a lot of Women's film festivals. And I resent that. I don't want to be confined to a niche. Women should not be a niche. Women directors, writers, actors, should be part of the mainstream, not have their own little disadvantaged corner where to play. After all, who else fills half the seats at all those Judd Apatow's movies if not girlfriends, wives and sisters?
In other film industries in the world, particularly in Europe, this does not happen. There are more films that, regardless of the gender of its stars, are more mature, and less noxious than what passes for film here.

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