Feb 25, 2008

There Wasn't Enough Blood

The Oscars are my Superbowl.
We sat, we saw, we endured. It was rather boring, as it always is.
There is some justice in the world that Tilda Swinton (looking fabulous with makeup intended to look sans makeup and a great strange dress) won the Oscar for best supporting actress.
There was genuine surprise when Marion Cotillard won, very deservedly, for her ballsy channeling of La Piaf. She was the only person wearing an interesting dress, by Gaultier, that made her look like a beautiful fish. It was white and it had scales. Her movie won best makeup too, which is great.
The rest was utterly predictable. It's a problem when the same actors who have won all the awards come to the Oscars to pick this one up too. Used to be, in ancient times, that there were not that many awards before the Oscars or if there were, nobody paid them any mind. Now the Oscars are a foregone conclusion which makes the whole affair pointless and boring. Solution, move them up before all the other ones happen.
Bardem (adorable), Daniel Day Lewis (how can anybody be so handsome?), The Coens. I still don't get why people like their movie so much. I don't like or believe the story, so as well made as it is, I feel nothing but frustration with the movie. I think PT Anderson was robbed. But he knows in his heart his movie is the best film to come out of this country in years (and I'm not even a fan of his other movies).
Production Design? There Will Be Blood was ROBBED by Dante Ferretti's none too thrilling sets for Sweeney Todd. I can go on for hours about the stripped-down beauty of the production design for TWBB. A genius case of less is more. Oh, well. But that Jonny Greenwood's amazing score for the movie did not even qualify (because there was not enough original music or some idiotic rule) is also absurd.
We knew that Once was going to win best song and mercifully it did, because the three horrid songs from Enchanted only served for bathroom or chatter break (they actually make you feel like tying a noose around your neck, they are so incredibly hideous). Once again, I beg the Academy to kill this pointless category. No more musical numbers, please.
I knew the Austrian movie was going to win. It's a fine film, but nothing to write home about. It's a great story, told very efficiently but rather coldly. Everybody knows that the foreign film nomination process is absurd. The best foreign movie I have seen this year, Israel's The Band's Visit, which did not qualify, ridiculously because most of it is spoken in English.
Ratatouille vs Persepolis, I haven't seen the first one, but it is such an obvious choice. Persepolis is gorgeous and smart. Brad Bird is super talented, but I'm sick of the ugliness of computer generated stuff.
Jon Stewart was funny and relaxed but not that funny. Even the dresses were boring and predictable.
Everybody looked exactly the same. Luckily, a couple of actresses were wearing terrible things, and that woke us up. Rebecca Miller was wearing some kind of ridiculous Pierrot outfit, Cate Blanchett was wearing a hideous maternity dress and non-working hair, poor Ellen Page was wearing a stupid dress and Jennifer Hudson looked like a giant marshmallow, which is to say, not good.

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