Feb 26, 2008

One more kvetch about the Oscars

I suddenly remember that this was the 80th edition of the awards and so we expected some major actors and directors to be around for the celebration. Where were the great American greats? Instead we had some Cyrus unstoppable munchkin that sings and Jonah Hill (love him, but he's no De Niro).
It's not as if we can't figure out that the presenters are all plugging some new movie. But (and please forgive my idiotic naiveté) the Oscars should be above that kind of shit. Maybe now that we know that nobody watches it (lowest ratings ever), they'll go back to bringing interesting people on stage, not just plugs.
They could have invited all the living Oscar winners or something with a bit more pizzazz...

Sounds like sore losers to us that when no Americans win Oscars for best acting, everybody makes a big deal that it's the lowest audience ever. It may be so, but it's still 32 million people watching, so let's keep things in proportion.
I bet next year only American people are going to win.

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