Dec 13, 2007

Show Me The Globe

The official celebrity handicapping season started today with the Golden Globe nominations.
There are like 7 best pictures instead of the regular 5. Many of the nominees deserve their awards and only some are slightly baffling, but the Golden Globes seem relatively decorous this year. The one person I think was forgotten was Frank Langella, but I guess his movie was too small.
Interestingly, Persepolis, which should be the best animated movie of the year, is not competing as animation but as best foreign film. I guess this is so that they can give the prize to Ratatouille and still feel good about themselves. Persepolis is a lovely film but it should compete and win in its category.

Department of Happiness:
• Tilda Swinton for her astounding turn in Michael Clayton. Go Tilda!
• Clooney getting awards is something that never bothers me. Today, he and Don Cheadle won an award for their work against the genocide in Darfur, for which I'm sure he actually cares.
• Cate Blanchett for I'm not There. She kicks ass.
• Ellen Page for Juno
• Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose
Michael Clayton as best movie. Yay!
• Amy Ryan for Gone Baby Gone
• Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises.
• Julie Christie for Away from Her. I haven't seen the movie, but she deserves an award just for existing.
• Tom Wilkinson for Michael Clayton. So right.
• La Jolie was mighty fine in A Mighty Heart. Good for her.

Department of Huh?
• Casey Affleck for ...The Coward Richard Ford. I don't get it.
• John Travolta for Hairspray.
• Knightley and McAvoy for Atonement. They are gorgeous and they are fine, but they are not award material. He was award material in the Last King of Scotland.
• Tony Gilroy, the director of Michael Clayton deserves a directing nod much more than Joe Wright, of Atonement, but Atonement is the kind of film the Globes love, big, sweeping, romantic and none too challenging.

Not that I saw it, but:
• Jodie Foster. The same role she always plays, in a useless movie. Why?
• I understand Sarah Polley deserves directorial kudos for Away from Her. It wouldn't have killed the Globes to include her, instead of predictable people like Ridley Scott or Tim Burton.
• El Clinto, this time nominated for writing a song. I don't care if it's a symphony. I'm tired of El Clinto.
• Julia Roberts, really?
• Tom Hanks. I'm sure he's good, but we like some variety with our perenially awarded to death megastars.
• John C. Reilly for Walk Hard. I love him and I'm happy for him.

I don't know about you, but I'm already tired of this and it's just beginning.

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