Jun 14, 2007

Review of a Movie that I Refuse To See

Something from New Zealand called Eagle vs Shark. I have been subjected to the preview of this movie more times than a sentient being should be allowed to suffer. It's a modest, well-meaning independent comedy from New Zealand. So what, you may ask, is my objection?
From the preview, it looks like it's one of those independent films that are made for the hipster mind.
Films about two losers who fall in love, shot with washed out colors and featuring ugly people. Films to which the adjective "quirky" applies. Not only does it apply, it has been conceived with the sole purpose of being quirky and it is marketed as such. Most of the time what this really means is one or two adults prancing about (and dressing and looking) like children.
"Quirky" is fast becoming as repulsive to me as "whimsical".

I'll give you more examples of the genre:

You and me and everyone we know. Hated, HATED, that movie.
The Science of Sleep. Don't get me started.
Year of the Dog. Didn't see it but it looked like it fit the bill. Enforced deadpan, washed out colors, and a story about a woman grieving for her dead dog. Nisht far mir. (Not for me).

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