Jun 1, 2007

In Praise of Ben Affleck

I have a bit of a feeling of Deja Vu. I have a feeling, my dear readers, that this is not the first time you are subjected to my partiality for Ben Affleck.
The reason I bring him up again, is because I saw him on the Bill Maher show the other day and I was delighted by his coherence, intelligence and articulateness. I also think he is very handsome and adorable and likeable. He was discussing the sad matters of current affairs and he really let it rip against the Democrats for being spineless, cowardly idiots who do not stand for their own principles. He was sincerely agitated, just like all of us frustrated liberals, and he made a wonderful impression. He was paired with that unfunny hot air balloon aka P.J O'Rourke, who was rather annoying. He made Ben look like an elder statesman. And I think Ben has political ambitions. He looks presidential to me. If they can have Conan the Barbarian governing California, the thought of a handsome Ben Affleck ruling the country is not farfetched, or unwelcome. And why would he be any worse than any of the people who usually run for office? Go Ben!

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