Apr 26, 2007

Zoo: Review of A Movie I Haven't Seen

It's not really a review of this new documentary Zoo, about people who like making love to animals.
I think that some people who love animals too much actually abuse them. Human beings should leave animals alone. It is the apex of human arrogance to speak for animals. It is the apex of human arrogance to keep a pet cooped up all day long in an apartment with no attention whatsoever, and come home, take it out for a pee and demand love and attention from the poor creature. Or those vet stores where they put the poor little baby puppies in the window to tug at people's heartstrings. Even I, a heartless bitch when it comes to animals, feel like going in there and buying one of them. To sell animals, to display them in a window. To breed them for our own self-gratification. Not for food, which is a need, but for ego-stroking. What gives us the right?
I know vegetarians will say, well, we shouldn't eat them either. And some people make that choice. Animals eat other animals. It's the way of the world. But as far as I can tell, they don't get the hots for other kinds of animals. A dog doesn't get the hots for a cat, or a lion for a zebra. Nature is wise.
Now if a human being is deranged enough to want to have sex with an animal, purporting true love, and nothing but good intentions, does this make it right? The animal, like any other living being incapable of giving true consent, like a child, has no say in the matter. We don't know whether the animal loves it, wants it or hates it and rolls his eyes and suffers the humiliation in silence.
To me, forcing an animal to have sex with a human is as abusive as forcing a 5 year old. It is an abuse of power.
The horse that ruptured the colon of his human lover certainly did not know what it was doing. Had another human being done the same, it could have been called murder. So my point is that no; no matter how poetic and how romantic and whatever justifications these people find to make their behavior acceptable to themselves, it is not right to engage in sex with creatures that cannot speak for themselves. We are not governed by the same rules. And we should not be.

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