Apr 23, 2007

I'm with Alec

I know it's going to sound insane, but somehow, in the horrible Alec Baldwin scandal, I feel for Alec. For those of you who were able to completely bypass this story because you were stuck in a nuclear shelter or something, actor Alec Baldwin left a really angry, hysterical, over the top phone message for his 11 year old daughter Ireland, in which among other things he called her a rude pig.
Someone, and let's guess who could have possibly done that, leaked that message and ten seconds later even I heard it. I know it is customary for bloggers to provide a link to these things, but if you want to hear it you can go to TMZ.com. I feel icky doing it for you.
Alec was super angry because the girl doesn't answer the phone when he calls her. The girl has been tossed around by both her parents like a whore's dirty underwear in their unseemly divorce battle, that's been ranging longer than the battle of Thermopylae and it's almost as nasty. The court mandated that the child talk to her dad once a week on the phone, and when he calls, she doesn't answer. Hence Alec completely loses his temper and leaves a raging tantrum on his daughter's answering machine.
The outburst was horrible. I certainly feel for the poor kid, who didn't ask these two monsters to beget her. But SOMEONE -- who most likely is either the girl's crazy mother or the girl herself (has anybody thought of this scenario?), leaked the message. That someone in my opinion is sicker and more disgusting than Alec Baldwin.

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