Jan 10, 2007

The world is full of creeps

I attended the premiere of a film. A young woman was one of the stars. In the movie she bares her breasts for half a second. She walks around wearing sexy clothes. She is very attractive.
At the reception, she was swarmed by old, salivating men chatting her up, telling her how wonderful she was. They all looked like they were about to take a bite. I don't know if she realized how creepy it was.
I heard some guy telling her that when he shoots his movie, she can be sure he's going to find a role for her in it.
I thought they made this shit up in the movies.
We, the not so spectacular looking, can only surmise the power that young beauty can wield, particularly in the field of alte cockers. What do you get in exchange for your looks and your youth? A wardrobe? A career? Perks? If you possess them, the beauty and the power, I hope you are smart and make the best of it. I hope you steer clear of icky people and their icky motives.

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