Jan 16, 2007

The Golden Globs 2007

I watched a lot of it and it kept going on. I took a break to cook dinner and when I came back to check, Warren Beatty was still blathering on and on. The only fun part was to see people getting increasingly sloshed. Every time the camera swooped on her, Annette Benning was drinking and in excellent cheer (good for her). I missed all the important wins, but didn't miss the best speeches of the night, the divinely hilarious one by Hugh Laurie, the dead serious one by Peter Morton, writer of The Queen, (which except for one, lonely enthusiastic applause, who I assume to have been Alec Baldwin or a Sheen, seems to confirm the cowardice of Hollywood stars when it comes to wearing their politics in public) and the articulate, poignant one by America Ferrera, who had the entire female population of the Globs crying what looked like authentic, salty tears. Meryl Streep was also very cool, making a detailed mention of all the actresses and all the movies with great roles for women this year and mentioning all the small, smart movies that people never get to see in Podunk, and the fact that the wardrobe of her movie was donated to charity. She packed more useful info in her speech than anyone I've ever heard. It is evident that the Brits will always win the battle of wit, because most Americans seem to possess none. The presenters who are meant to be funny like Ben Stiller or Steve Carell were as stiff and about as funny as a casket. For a moment there it seemed that the ridiculous foreign press association was only giving awards to anybody with a British passport, but then I guess they ran out of Brits.
I'm very happy for Forest Whittaker, who is a giant, and for Martin Scorsese, and for Helen Mirren, who deserves it (though I think getting two for two Elizabeths is tacky, though not her fault). But guess what, Hollywood is tacky. Tom Hanks was ultra tacky in his presentation of the Special Award for Warren Beatty, Eddie Murphy was mega tacky when he thanked David Geffen for convincing him to make the movie for less money. Kyra Sedgwick was stupid enough to thank her publicist and her lawyer. People who do that should be banned from award shows and their statuettes confiscated. Poor Ben Stiller came out to present and you could hear the room in a massive break, yakking on top of him. Tacky. Although perhaps he deserves it.
As for the fashions, I think Cate Blanchett is starting to lose it; the worst dress of the night was a tie between Tina Fey and Julia Louis Dreyfuss (does funny necessarily mean you have no taste?).
Cameron Diaz was wearing a beautiful dress, but what's with the goth hair (and the cheek implants)? She looks awful. And it was almost flabbergasting to see formerly stunning Salma Hayek wearing a white satin number that looked like a drapery from Caesar's Palace fell on top of her, with super tacky platform shoes more befitting a disco drag queen, disheveled eyebrows (Frida happened like 10 years ago already) and looking quite matronly. There was an overhead shot at the red carpet of her boobs that was mortifying, to say the least. It made me a little sad, cause I actually admire her and was happy for her Ugly Betty win.
The people who looked stunning, which were many, you figure them out. We're here to bitch.

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