Feb 22, 2006

Red Alert: Bond Fans Unhappy With Daniel Craig!

They are threatening to boycott the film. Run for your lives!
I got nothing against the very dapper Pierce Brosnan, but anybody who fails to see the dark, steely, juicy sexiness of Daniel Craig is a moron. They obviously haven't seen him in the powerful little film The Mother where he plays a housepainter who has an affair with the mistress of the house and with her sagging mom. Mr. Craig appears in some sex scenes in all his naked glory which is enough reason to adore him forever (and he's a damn fine actor too).
He's also excellent in the underrated Enduring Love, a chilling film that no one saw based on the novel by Ian McEwan.
He played Ted Hughes in the completely unnecessary biopic Sylvia about the insufferable, Sylvia Plath played by the increasingly intolerable Gwyneth Paltrow.
He was fabulous as a gangster in Layer Cake, one of those new British films a la Guy Ritchie that try to outviolence our violence.
He was underused in Munich but it was nice to see him wearing dramatic sideburns and very tight bellbottoms.
So what if he's short and has big ears. It's what's between the ears and what's between the top of his head to the floor that counts. Obviously Bond fans, who must have been asleep the last two years because the replacement was announced eons ago, have no clue of what makes a man suitable to play a spy in the house of love.
This is a transparent attempt by the Bond publicity department to drum up interest in a franchise that should have been mercykilled years ago. In fact, when I heard the news of Mr. Craig becoming Bond, I was crestfallen, because so far he had been doing interesting characters in interesting movies. But I was happy for him because he's gonna be rich. Sell-out.

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