Feb 24, 2006

Extra! Hear Jon's Stewart Oscar Jokes Here First!

Click on the dots next to the title, dears, and check out the LA Times outing what probably are going to be some of Stewart's jokes next Sunday. Why would they do that, beats me. What's worse, the jokes don't sound very promising, at least on paper. A bit between penguins and bears could be kind of an Uma/Oprah moment... ugh.
In any case, I searched for headlines today that would deserve a post and I couldn't find anything. For your information there are more dead in Iraq, Venezuela is limiting American airliners from flying there but that we had to learn from our British pals in the BBC because apparently no one in the American press gives a fuck. The BBC also reports that George Clooney accuses the US media of labeling him a traitor. Of course nobody here cares about that either, which is fine by me. George, even though I admire your politics, sometimes I wish you'd just look handsome and shut up.

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