Apr 24, 2015

Dispatches From Another Blog

Darling readers!
Last week, my beloved and loyal reader Joel complained that I was not writing in this space anymore. Alas!
I have been writing lots about movies, but now I do double duty at the estimable Manero.com, where they entrust me to write about films, many with a strong Latino bent, and, what's more, they pay me to do it.
I shall never abandon you, but while I recover  from a Tribeca Film Festival marathon in the warmth of Mexico City, here are some of the nuggets I've been posting on Manero lately:

• Where I propose that Disney's Cinderella is really about losing one's virginity.

• Manos Sucias, a powerful film about the drug trade, featuring zero narco bling, for a change.

• Latinos have biopics too.

And from your girl in Tribeca:

• Three movies coming soon to a theater near you.

• Three movies by Latina filmmakers, sadly, none of which blew me away.

• Three documentaries that will creep you out.

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