Feb 18, 2015

50 Shades Of Grey

It seems to me that the derision with which this movie has been greeted is quite sexist. 
Everybody dumps on this movie as if it was the stupidest movie in the planet. Granted, it is silly and cheesy, but it is no worse than any of the stupid shoot em ups and blow em up extravaganzas aimed at males. What is the freaking problem with women wanting to see this? Nobody is addressing this really patronizing derision for a successful movie that is as bad as any other commercial Hollywood mass market bullshit. But because it is aimed at women and because it is about sex and not guns or explosions, apparently it is ripe for contempt. 
It's not like Fast and Furious 1 through 7 and their ilk are the height of sophistication. So why are people so violently disgusted by a completely innocuous, R-rated romantic fantasy film? The level of contempt aimed at women because of this movie is nuts. If men can enjoy their neanderthal entertainments, why can't women enjoy theirs?

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