Jul 22, 2012

Batman: Review Of A Movie I Ain't Gonna See

And it's not because of the massacre in Aurora, but because Christopher Nolan's pointless, bombastic extravaganzas are not my cup of tea.
Yesterday we were trying to find a midnight show at some cineplex in order to avoid the long, slow and totally worth it line to see The Clock at Lincoln Center, and the only thing playing was The Dark Knight Rises. We simply did not feel like being barraged by adolescent inanity camouflaged by grandiosity and humorlessness.
You will be reassured to know a patrol car and two police officers were guarding the theater.
Here is a review by Anthony Lane I sense is close to my own heart.
And here is one by Rex Reed which sums up my feelings about Inception, one of the few movies I have ever walked out of.
Plus, anyone who hides the face of Tom Hardy behind a mask deserves eternal damnation.

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