May 19, 2011

The Lars Von Trier Show

Lars Von Trier goes to Cannes. Lars Von Trier says something inane and "provocative". Lars Von Trier gets the world's attention, like a bratty 7 year-old acting up in front of the guests. This has been happening for years now, except that this time his hosts at Cannes had it with him. They decided to ban him from the festival after he apologized for his inane, childish, ridiculously stupid, irrelevant, petulant, apropos of nothing remarks about Jews and Nazis and Hitler. Be it far from me to attempt to explain the motives of someone who thinks it's funny to claim he wants to be a Jew and then say he is a Nazi and sympathizes a little bit with Hitler and perhaps he will make a big blockbuster called "The Final Solution". Not funny, not relevant, deeply inappropriate, but clearly more because of abject stupidity and a pathetic need for attention, than because he is actually a racist or an antisemite or a Nazi sympathizer. I don't think LVT is either a Jew, a Nazi or an antisemite, as he had to clarify after opening his big mouth, but I do think he is an unqualified idiot. A self-indulgent creep with a genius complex. You can tell the kind of asshole he is by the other comments he made. Pot shots at fellow Danish filmmaker Suzanne Bier for being Jewish and making movies he doesn't like, or the 4 hour porn film he wants to make with his stars Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Worse than a zit-ridden, sullen, snotty teenager with a potty brain, really. He should stick to making movies and keep his mouth shut.
Props go to Kirsten Dunst who had to sit next to him and listen to his incoherence with the biggest fart face ever (see above). At one point she tried to stop him and he went on, making things worse. If you are going to be a provocateur, be truly provocative and smart and make people think. Don't be a self-serving asshole. By the way, I like some of his movies. I dislike others. And I will see Melancholia.

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