Sep 30, 2010

Tony Curtis

Why does one get so sad when an artist one likes passes away? It's not like I saw every film Tony Curtis ever made, and he made zillions, but:
1. He happens to be the age my Dad would be were he still alive, and that makes me miss my Dad.
2. My mom adored him, and that makes me miss my Mom.
3. He was in the best movie of all time, Some Like It Hot, and he was great. My parents loved that movie, so that also makes me sad.
4. He guest appeared in The Flintstones, one of the greatest TV programs of all time, as Stony Curtis. I learned today that it is the 50th anniversary of the Flintstones this year. The fact that they are no more, makes me very sad.
5. And to judge from the outpouring of sentiment, Tony Curtis was beloved by all, which makes me happy/sad.
Tony Curtis was handsome, yes. But to me what was appealing about him was that gravelly voice and the fact that he seemed genuine. Didn't matter if he was wearing a toga or a dress or a suit, he seemed a real person. He had the Bronx in him, which made him interesting (he also had, as the obit in the NY Times said, a Dickensian childhood). He was totally relatable. He was charming. Families (at least Jewish ones) spoke of him as if he was a cousin.
I saw a clip today of Some Like It Hot and it is sheer joy. Absolute, unadulterated, pure, sparkling joy.
It makes me very sad.

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