Jul 24, 2010


So many questions to ask.
1. When the excellent cast (Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Elijofor, Daniel fucking Olbrychski, from all those great Wajda films) of this dreadful movie read the script, did they just skip to their speaking lines, or did they realize they were going to be in a Waring Blender for 2 hours?
2. Was there a story in there somewhere that was left in the cutting room floor, or was it always mindnumbing, badly staged chases and violence?
3. Who absconded with the story? And the sense of humor? A Russian spy?
4. When did Phillip Noyce become such a cynical hack?
5. Is there no shame left in Hollywood?
6. Why?

I understand that Miss Jolie has many mouths to feed. But she could earn her keep in movies that are not as morally and artistically bankrupt as this one. She has great presence. She is a good actress. She looks like a trillion bucks (although she must be famished). There is not enough Good Will Ambassador work for the Unicef in this universe to atone for this crap.

Mind you, I can enjoy an action movie here and there. Some are actually good. I'm thinking, for instance of John Woo's Face Off, which was oodles of fun and the action sequences were thrilling. There are other examples. But Salt is a ghastly affair.

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