Jan 19, 2010

Golden Globs

I ignored them because they make the awards season boring. I saw the dresses online. Boring. Also I don't have a TV. And you know what? I miss it. I never watched it (except for Jon Stewart) and now I miss it. I miss that I can't turn it on to spaz out for no reason whatsoever. I miss that its unrelenting noise doesn't keep me company anymore, even though it was never on. This not having a TV business makes me have to read a book, watch a netflix or play Scrabble. Or sit here in front of this screen trolling the web. After watching the harrowing and deeply recommended British film Fish Tank, I have decided that TV is solely to blame for the generalized state of retardedness in the world. It has made everybody an idiot, in ways that I don't think we even fathom.  Still, I miss TV.  However, I'm very happy for Jeff Bridges, Mo'nique, Christoph Waltz and The White Ribbon.

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