Jun 8, 2009

Looking for Eric

As we plodded through the mess that is Looking for Eric, I remembered why I never see movies by Ken Loach. In contrast to his fellow ham directors who also love a sermon, like Oliver Stone or Spike Lee, he just doesn't have the pizazz or the chutzpah to compensate for the extreme heavyhandedness. Except for a hilarious scene involving group therapy for Mancunian postmen, this comedy falls as flat as soccer star Eric Cantona's boring performance. It's some sort of a working class weepie, soccer romantic comedy with a strong undercurrent of depression. None of those things jell. And I'm still trying to figure out why it got made. As an ad for Manchester United? Because Eric Cantona has too much time and money in his hands? Because half of Europe gave funds to make this film? Why?

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