Apr 6, 2009

I Love You, Man

Or in praise of Paul Rudd, our tarnished era's answer to Cary Grant. Please take this with a grain of salt. Clive Owen is Grant's true heir, and if you've noticed, both Owen and Cary Grant come from the other side of the ocean. Americans, I'm afraid, are not big on suave. Still, for stateside romantic comedians, Paul Rudd is the very best we have. He is the best thing in the movie. Hopefully there will be many more and better. He should do Hamlet. For real. He has the right age, the right smarts, and the right intelligence, he can be very sweet, but he has an edge. He would be a lot of fun. Which is something sorely lacking from most Hamlets.
The movie is funny in spurts, but Paul Rudd's performance as a sweet guy who is totally awkward around dudes makes it work. Not only is his timing impeccable and he is a great comedian, funny and light on his feet, but he is also a damn fine actor, and he imbues the character with true sweetness and true embarrassment. You can feel his mortification. He is delightful. As his partner in this bromantic comedy, Jason Segel is also wonderful as a slacker with initiative. The have a genuine chemistry together. They could be our own version of Tracy and Hepburn. Anyways.
The one thing that I wish we could all get tired of is the projectile vomiting, and all the scatological jokes. They are what the audience loves best, but they get tiresome.

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