Feb 23, 2009

Oscars Postmortem 2008

Loved the David Rockwell set: Fabulous. Everything else, pretty much cringe inducing and mindnumbingly boring as usual. Hugh Jackman is adorable, but the jokes were nasty and stale. Who wrote that crap?

Loved Anne Hathaway singing. What a good, lovely sport. I'm still waiting for the day when someone will finally kill the musical numbers. They were a disaster.
Loathed the musical number. I hate Moulin Rouge, by the way.

Loved the screenwriting device where they showed a page from the script with the actual shots of the movie. That was supercool.

Loved the Judd Apatow short with James Franco and Seth Rogen. It was hilarious they laughed all through The Reader.

Hated Ben Stiller and his stupid shtick. Luckily, DP winner Anthony Dodd Mantle found it amusing.

Hated that there were no clips of the nominated actors. That sucks.

Hated the animation montage, hated the action movie montage -- way too long and morally bankrupt.

Hated that there were not enough presenters. Why get stuck with Sarah Jessica Parker and James Bond for three hours? We want to see the stars. Loved Tina Fey and Steve Martin.

We can't decide whether having 5 past nominees gang up on the nominees was tacky, creepy, cool or all of the above. It was most decidedly creepy, as if they all become a fraternity of zombies or a cult or something.

Loved that Penelope Cruz won. She was a class act. But where was Javi?

Hated that Kate Winslet won. Too predictable. Great dress.

Hated the best supporting actor going to Heath Ledger. It's not moving. It's tacky. For a moment I thought we were attending the funeral service. The words of one relative would have sufficed. I don't care if you hate me.

Loved that Mickey Rourke's "poor pitiful me" campaign backfired. He could have won. And would have totally deserved it.

Loved that Sean Penn won. Loved that he hectored people. Loved that he thanked Mickey Rourke instead of his wife. I just love that he is such a genuine asshole, great fucking actor.

Loved that Milk won best screenplay -- although it should have been Happy Go Lucky.
But Hollywood was trying to stick it back to California.
Loved the gay mormon guy. That'll show them. It was the night of the gays.

What the fuck with best foreign film? What a disgrace. I have nothing against the Japanese movie that nobody, including those who voted for it, saw. But that neither The Class, which is the best movie of the year, period, or Waltz with Bashir won is absurd, inexplicable and pathetic. It's about time someone reforms the foreign film category. It's an embarrassing disgrace.

Loved that the animated short that won was line animation, for a change.

Liked that Man on Wire won. But was rooting for Werner Herzog. Or the Katrina film.
Philippe Petit, ever the show off.

We can concede every prize won by Slumdog Millionaire except Best Movie and Best Adapted Screenplay. They are not by any stretch of the imagination.
Loved the SM kids in their little tuxes. They are so adorable.

My favorite part is always the obits. (Have you noticed that Roy Scheider dies every year?) But poor Queen Latifah, saddled with singing while no one can see her.

Hated that there were not enough audience reaction shots.

A bit flabbergasted by both Jerry Lewis and Sophia Loren. She, poor thing, looks particularly scary.

Maybe they could consider changing the order. I think it is insulting to start out with best supporting actress. Just build it up. Start with the music, cinematography, editing, documentary, whatevs and then end with all actors before giving out best movie.
As always, we wonder why we keep watching every year.

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