Aug 22, 2008

In the Desert

Greetings from Palm Springs, California, where we are attending the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival with our film Close Relations. It's big, well organized and cool.
I love the desert. It is beautiful. My ugly ass rented car feels like a sauna only a Russian could love.
It seems that at 5-6 pm it's hotter than it was at 1 pm. It's so hot, the airport is outdoors. It's so hot, you can have a delicious swim at night. Which we didn't do because we were busy going to opening night and the opening night party.
Yours truly was all alone and dreading human interaction, but interact she did with some fellow filmmakers who all share the same insane obsession. Some were very nice, others not so much, but it is all very interesting. This field definitely attracts some artists with narcissistic tendencies (and that includes moi).
Everybody and their mother is making films. On the other hand, here are the few, the proud, the indebted or the rich or the well connected.
The attendees, a motley crew, are a mix of suntanned retirees, gays and filmmakers. And mysterious people with badges that say "industry". Those are the ones I'm supposed to talk to. For there is apparently a short film industry. It's like the munchkins in Oz.
It's all very glamorous.

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