Apr 2, 2008

Not on a Tarkovsky Mood Today

I don't think I have ever said no to an invitation to go to the movies (unless said is for Rambo LVII, or some such Roman circus). But today I got an offer I could very happily refuse. My dear masochistic cineastes, Luis and Bego went to see Andrei Rublev at BAM.
Even if I was not currently under the spell of PMS, I'd still would have said nyet. Maybe it is time for me to revisit the oeuvre of the Russian director (now that I've sat through 8 hours of Satantango, I feel I'm invincible), but I've never really liked Tarkovsky. When I was younger, and went to the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City to get my requisite dose of important pretentious films, the two responses his movies induced in me were attacks of the giggles, or a deep wish to sleep.
So sue me.

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