Sep 30, 2007

Che boludos, give the Maestro back his laptop!

Thieves stole Francis Ford Coppola's laptop and his backup disk from his home in Buenos Aires.
Truly despicable and truly stupid, it you ask me. Hopefully, Francis (may I call you that, dude?) registered his newest script with the WGA and/or the copyright office of the US. He also has copies of the scripts stored elsewhere for he is not as dumb an ass as the people who robbed him. But he is very upset because his computer had family pictures and many years of work in it. He should not have offered a reward, because that is what these sorry idiots are hoping for, but one can't blame him for trying to recover his work. Nowadays our entire lives are in the computer, and if the contraptions malfunction or are lost it becomes a major issue.
It just seems stupid that thieves would target such a prominent artist, particularly when he bringing some major income to the country for shooting a film there.
It's very bad. I hope he gets his stuff back soon.

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