Aug 4, 2007

There Is A Rough Cut!

You must have thought I had forgotten all about the little short I shot. Pas du tout, as we say in French.
I just went to Paris for a month and left it in the hands of an editor, who worked on it while I was away.
As you can imagine, the suspense was killing me, but I finally saw the first rough cut yesterday. It still needs a lot of work, and it is extremely rough and it has lots of problems, but I think it works. It is a very strange feeling to see the bits and pieces one shot in the course of three days, strung together into a story. Some stuff that I thought wasn't going to work, amazingly does. Other parts are going to need major tinkering, but with some sleight of hand we may make it work. It's the first time I feel something distantly related to exhilaration.

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