Jul 20, 2007

Fou for Film

Every time you buy a movie ticket in France, it doesn't matter whether you are watching Shrek le Troisieme or the complete works of Tarkovsky or a French movie such as Je Deteste Les Enfantes Des Autres, the state takes 11% off the ticket price for the support of the French film industry. They finance their own films with that. That is why the state of cinema here is the best anywhere. The respect and love showered on film here is enormous.
So much so, that while I was visiting the Museé du Cinema at the Cinematheque Français, two visitors almost came to blows. Unfortunately, the reason shall remain a mystery. I only heard the screaming because at the precise moment of the melee, I was in the bathroom. Awful timing.
In any case, this is what every country should do to support their film industry, including the US, where given the monstrosity of the Hollywood juggernaut, the lack of public support for film is shocking and obscene. In fact, I think the state, any state, should tax Hollywood with a special tax for film support, conservation, education, etc. Let me know when you're done laughing.

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